On the Job - Problems with the Machinery

1950-11-24 Holeproof Hosiery Boarding room Ron Nelson 4879.jpg

A photograph of the boarding room inside Holeproof Hosiery - includes four large machines that are being worked as well as metal sock forms. 1950-11-24. 4879. Ron Nelson Photography Collection, Archives and Special Collections, Western Libraries, Western University.

Those who worked on the machines regularly dealt with problems with the machinery. From simple fixes to complicated repairs, the production of the machines directly impacted these women’s livelihood. While they made an hourly wage, most workers were also paid by piece work – they were paid a specific amount per a certain number of finished socks. Generally, piece work is where these women made good money and so speed and properly running machines were paramount.

Burns describes one way that the boarding machines could break down.

Ward explains the problems that could arise with the knitting machines.

Stoddart explains the different things that could happen to a knitting machine which could cause it to break down.