Relationship with Employer

Vandusen Silver Platter.jpeg

"The 25th Anniversery Platter." Photograph. London Ontario, 2022. Shared by Peter Vandusen.

Mitchell LHM Clock copy.jpg

"The Christmas Clock." Photograph. London Ontario, 2022. Shared by Billy Mitchell.

One constant sentiment expressed by past employees was the generally positive relationship between workers and their employers. One described their supervisor going above and beyond when she had a dangerous personal problem that required that she leave work for a short period of time. Others simply expressed how kind their supervisors were even though they were in a factory setting. This positive relationship is highlighted in two items that were given to two employees one for Christmas and one for an anniversary. 

Somann describes why she thinks woman stayed at London Hosiery Mills for so long. 

Mitchell explains the history behind the treasured clock that his mother was given by London Hosiery Mills as a Christmas gift one year.

Vandusen talks about the silver platter that his mother was given for her 25th anniversery of working for London Hosiery Mills.